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About us

Kinrif Precise Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2013 Shenzhen,China,is an expert design product manufacturer that  for Intelligent Home appliances, Intelligent Home,Intelligent ventilation system,Humidifier,Dehumidify products.

Kinrif have advanced facilities and professional engineers to provide our customers with premium-quality products. Our R&D team keeps on working hard in conducting researches to realise our and customers' creative ideas. The company targets home users, small-to-medium sized businesses, and mobile professionals. Kinrif design, develop, and manufacturing all its product lines. OEM/ODM is welcome.

Kinrif in consumer products of the company enjoy high status, with many retailers and agent has established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship. Kinrif with strength,Re-credit, defends the contract, to ensure product quality, and more varieties of the principles of operating characteristics and puerile, and won the trust of our customers.

The company distributes products throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.
1) IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
2) IPQC (In-Process QC)
3) IDQC (In-Depot QC)
4) ODQC (Out-Depot QC)
5) QA (Quality Assurance)

Our QA/QC Department performs strict quality control measures on all products that incoming the market.Meanwhile,we stress on every producing detail to ensure high quality of every product throughout our entire production process.

Pursuing the goal of ' Innovative design, to provide the best products for our Customers. ', we will continue to follow international standards to provide customers with satisfactory products.


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